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Combination Of Membrane Technology And Microbial Technology In The Application Prospect Of Oily Wastewater Treatment
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Combination of Membrane Technology and Microbial Technology in the Application Prospect of Oily Wastewater Treatment

Oil field wastewater contains complex components, high oil content, and is difficult to handle. Wastewater treatment is an important way to reduce environmental pollution, ensure the sustainable development of oil fields, and improve the economic benefits of oil fields. The future development trend is based on actual conditions. , Optimize the combination of various technologies, use the minimum investment, find efficient, economical wastewater treatment technology.

The integration of membrane technology and other technologies, the advantages of each technology, to overcome its limitations is the current hot oil field wastewater treatment According to research, microorganisms have unique advantages in the treatment of oily wastewater, will not produce secondary pollution, the principle is Microorganisms decompose and oxidize oil into carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, the combination of membrane technology and microbial technology has broad application prospects in the treatment of oily wastewater.