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Development History Of Disc Tube Reverse Osmosis Technology
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Development history of disc tube reverse osmosis technology

DTRO technology originated in Germany. In 1988, the DTRO system entered the leachate treatment market. The first DTRO equipment treatment landfill leachate project was built in Ihlenberg, Germany. By 1997, DTRO had more than 200 successful engineering examples in Europe, the Americas, the Far East and other countries or regions, accounting for 75% of the reverse osmosis treatment leachate market. By 1999, the market share was 80%.

Disc Reverse Osmosis System Introduction

The disc type membrane technology is abbreviated as DT, and it is commonly known as dish-type reverse osmosis (DTRO) and dish-and-tube type nanofiltration (DTNF). Today, we mainly talk about DTRO. Its membrane module construction is very different from conventional roll membranes. DT uses an open flow path. The feed solution enters the pressure vessel through the inlet. The liquid to be treated flows into the flow plate at the shortest distance, reverses 180 degrees from one side of the membrane to the other side of the membrane, enters the next flow plate, and finally exits. Outflow. This special design allows the liquid to form turbulence when colliding with the bumps on the surface of the film when it flows through the surface of the film, increasing the transmission rate and self-cleaning function, and prolonging the service life of the film.

DTRO uniqueness:

High-strength, high-pressure design, pressures up to 120 bar

Open deflector plate reduces flow resistance and concentration polarization

High pressure resistant, high rejection membrane

Main application:

Landfill landfill leachate

High concentration industrial wastewater

Rolled RO/NF concentrate

Industrial brine

DTRO membrane components include