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How To Treat Mercury-containing Wastewater, What Are The Characteristics Of Mercury-containing Compounds?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

How to treat mercury-containing wastewater, what are the characteristics of mercury-containing compounds?

Mercury-containing wastewater is mainly from non-ferrous metal smelters, chemical plants, pesticide plants, paper mills, dye factories and thermal instrumentation plants. Methods for removing inorganic mercury from wastewater include sulfide precipitation, chemical coacervation, activated carbon adsorption, metal reduction, ion exchange, and microbial methods. Generally, alkaline alkaline mercury-containing wastewater is usually treated by chemical coacervation or sulfide precipitation. Acidic mercury-containing wastewater can be treated by metal reduction. Low-concentration mercury-containing wastewater can be treated by activated carbon adsorption, chemical coacervation or activated sludge. Organic mercury wastewater is difficult to treat. Organic mercury is usually first oxidized to inorganic mercury and then treated.