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​Disc Tube Reverse Osmosis Treatment System Process
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Disc tube reverse osmosis treatment system process


Disc tube reverse osmosis treatment system process

According to different influent water quality, water requirement and project cost, the landfill leachate treatment system can adopt:

1. Two-level DTRO: At present, more commonly used two-level DTRO process, in general, can meet the "landfill landfill pollution control standards (GB16889-2008)" emission standards to meet the water reuse requirements;

2. Single-stage DTRO: Single-stage DTRO is mainly used for leachate with lower pollution indicators; for example, in older landfills.

3. Single-stage MBR+ single-stage DTRO/DTNF: MBR+ single-stage DTRO/NF is suitable for the treatment of biodegradable leachate types, such as newly built landfills.

4. Processes such as DTNF and DTRO combination. Under the conditions allowed by the effluent index, DTNF can also be applied, or a combined system of DTRO and DTNF can be used to satisfy both the removal rate and removal of some monovalent salts.