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How To Deal With Dye Production Wastewater?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

How to deal with dye production wastewater?

Dye production wastewater contains acids, bases, salts, halogens, hydrocarbons, amines, nitros and dyes and their intermediates, and some also contain pyridine, cyanide, phenol, benzidine and heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, chromium and so on. These wastewater components are complex and toxic and difficult to handle. Therefore, the treatment of dye production wastewater should be based on the characteristics of the wastewater and the requirements for its discharge. For example, the removal of solid impurities and inorganic substances, coagulation method and filtration method can be used; the removal of organic matter and toxic substances mainly adopts chemical oxidation method, biological method and reverse osmosis method; decolorization can generally adopt a process composed of coagulation method and adsorption method. In the process, heavy metals can be removed by ion exchange or the like.