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MBR Membrane Module Operation And Precautions
- Jul 17, 2018 -

MBR membrane module Operation and Precautions


The MBR membrane module is to be placed in the mud before it is put into use. Because if the raw water is directly separated without adding the seed mud, it will easily lead to the occurrence of membrane blockage, etc. The specific seeding can be referred to the following points:

The user must prepare the sludge of the same kind of wastewater and sewage in advance. It is recommended to use the seed mud with the concentration of 20000MG/L.

After the seed mud is put into use, it is necessary to put in the raw water in time, and it is possible to use the grille with a gap of less than 5 mm to remove impurities and then input it;

After the seed is put into the mud, the concentration should be above 7000mg/L (we need to be careful not to use the inoculant).


After the MBR membrane module is inspected and the seed mud is released, the aeration operation can be started. After the aeration, the raw water is filtered. And when the amount of filtered water is stable, data such as membrane pressure and water temperature should be recorded. Make future maintenance, inspection, and maintenance more convenient. During the test run, observe more, record more, and find the problem in time.


In order to exert excellent performance in the process of using MBR membrane modules, it is necessary to perform tests and inspections in the above order before operating. It is strictly forbidden for users to delete the inspection steps before operation. For more information about MBR membrane components, please pay attention to this site.