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MBR Membrane Bioreactor With High Quality
- Jul 16, 2018 -

MBR membrane bioreactor with high quality

MBR membrane bioreactor is a new high-efficiency wastewater treatment process combining high-efficiency membrane separation technology with traditional activated sludge process. It is placed in an aeration tank with a unique structure of MBR flat membrane module, after aerobic exposure. The gas after the gas and biological treatment is filtered by a pump through a membrane and then withdrawn. MBR wastewater treatment is very different from traditional sewage treatment methods, and the membrane separation device replaces the secondary sedimentation tank and the tertiary treatment process in the conventional process. Thereby, high-quality effluent is obtained, which solves the problem that the effluent quality of the conventional environmental protection equipment for sewage treatment does not meet the requirements for reuse of the reclaimed water. The water after MBR sewage treatment can be directly used as municipal water or further processed for various industrial waters.

Since the presence of the MBR membrane greatly improves the ability of the system to separate solid and liquid, the effluent, water quality and volumetric load of the MBR membrane bioreactor are greatly improved, and the water quality standard after the membrane treatment is high (more than the national level A). Standard), after disinfection, finally form high-quality reclaimed water with high water quality and bio-safety, which can be directly used as a new source of water. Due to the filtration of the membrane, the microorganisms are completely trapped in the MBR membrane bioreactor, achieving complete separation of the hydraulic retention time from the activated sludge sludge age, eliminating the sludge expansion problem in the conventional activated sludge process. MBR membrane bioreactor has high efficiency of pollutant removal and strong nitrification ability. It can simultaneously perform nitrification, denitrification, good denitrification effect, stable effluent quality, low residual sludge production, compact equipment and small floor space. 1/3-1/2 of the process, convenient incremental expansion, high degree of automation, and simple operation.