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MBR Membrane Used In Pappermaking Wastewater Treatment
- Jul 19, 2018 -

MBR membrane used in pappermaking wastewater treatment

Papermaking wastewater treatment should focus on increasing the recycling rate, reducing water consumption and wastewater discharge, and actively exploring various reliable, economical and wastewater treatment methods that can make full use of the useful resources in wastewater. For example, the flotation wastewater treatment method can recover fibrous solid materials in white water, the recovery rate can reach 95%, and the clarified water can be reused. 

The combustion wastewater treatment method can recover sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfide, sodium sulfate and organic substances in black water. Other sodium salts. The neutralization wastewater treatment method adjusts the pH value of the wastewater; the coagulation sedimentation or flotation method can remove the suspended solids in the wastewater; the chemical precipitation method can decolorize; the biological treatment method can remove the organic matter, and is effective for the kraft paper wastewater; Strict and membrane product technology is becoming more mature and widely used. In recent years, there have been applications in the MBR process for deep processing at home and abroad.