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Electrophoresis Paint Anode System Sterilization Operation GuideⅡ
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Electrophoresis Paint Anode System

 Sterilization Operation GuideⅡ


Conventional Fungicide Sterilization Program


If the sterilization effect is not enough after using the auxiliaries of our company, it is recommended to use the special fungicide Kathon XLE, which is a broad-spectrum, non-oxidant bactericide that can effectively kils a wide range of microorganisms at low concentrations, and its active molecules can be degraded, reducing emissions.Implemented in the following detailed scheme:

1. Manually clean the bacteria and dirt in pipes, valves, etc. to ensure smooth circulation of pipes.

2. Drain the polar liquid in the polar slot, manually clean the groove wall and groove bottom.

3. Filled with pure water, after 1 hour of circulation, drain the water. Repeat the above steps 2 times.

4. Fill the polar liquid tank with pure water and add 0.1-0.5% weight Kathon XLE.

5. Circular cleaning for more than 24 hours (The rectifier is kept off during the period), if necessary, manually clean the circulating pipes, tank walls, etc.

         6. After finishing the cycle cleaning, drain the circulating fluid, manually clean the dirt in the bottom of the tank.

7. Filled with pure water, after 1 hour of circulation, drain the water.

8. The above steps cannot be implemented during production.

9. Fill the pure water again, prepare the anolyte with acetic acid, and then produce normally. It should be noted that the anolyte should be emptied weekly and the anolyte should be reconstituted with acetic acid.

10. If you are users of tubular anode cell membrane element from RisingSun Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd , our professional advice, at least implement cleaning methods one time every week, and send samples for testing bacterial content and establish the implementation cycle. RisingSun Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the preferred manufacturer of experimental cooperation with universities and research institute, not only produce Tubular Anode/ Cathode Cell, but also that there is a special laboratory that can give you effective advice.